Sunday, March 02, 2008

Treasure Trove at Sears

Erin and I were at Sears picking out a new dishwasher (nice new stainless model) when I happened onto a bin of deep discount video games. I bought two that I had an interest in playing; Club House Games for under $7.00 and Pokémon Trozei for under $4.00. I had been selling some old games on Amazon and decided to see how much my new pick ups were going for. Turns out Club House Games was going for like $45.00 dollars! I sold mine immediately. The Pokémon title was going for nearly $20.00. SELL SELL SELL. I went back to Sears today and picked up some more gems. Digimon World DS cost me $6.97 and is selling for $45.00. Castlevania Portrait of Ruin cost me $4.97 and is selling for $35.00.

The moral of the story - go check your own Sears discount bin for these games and make a quick buck!

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