Friday, June 30, 2006

Montreal Day 2

We hit the heart of the Jazz Fest today. People and tents everywhere! We saw a number of jazz acts performing in various outdoor venues.

Seems the Canadians really take pride in their national animal, the beaver. You see the things depicted everywhere. Here one is in an electronics store window.

Old church spire contrasts with modern building.

We went to check out British power pop group "Gomez" tonight. Pretty catchy stuff.

More Montreal

Montreal is a pet friendly place. Lots of dogs around even inside stores. We had some fun watching this mini-dobi struggle free from the leash and run about the grocery!

You know that dark chocolate is the in thing. I've found it as high as 85% cocao in the U.S. Well here the have 99%!!! Holy Cats!!! I'm going to buy some a try it.

We ate a brew pub type place having some good beer and a thing called Flamm which is like a thin pizza. It was very good. The world cup Germany vs. Argentina was on. People are very very into it here. You can see the pub was packed with people just standing on the street watching and cheering. Germany pulled it out in a final face-off.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Robert and I are in Montreal! Internet connection here a little slow so I'll be keeping the pictures to a minimum. Seems there is live music and great cafes and shops around every corner! More tomorrow. Gotta catch up on some sleep now.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Community Olympics

We're playing community olympics this weekend. This partial team picture was taken just before the grueling obstacle course. This morning we did a 5k race (along with Yuki). I finished in 27 minutes. We head to ultimate frisbee in about an hour followed by badminton and kickball. Tomorrow it's a bike race, a swiimming competition, and cupstacking. If you don't know what cupstacking is, go to google video and search "cupstacking". Should be pretty fun.

World Cup Woes

The U.S. team wasn't long for the World Cup. Much like Georgia Tech in the College World Series, the U.S. was winless and quickly sent packing. Of the remaining teams, Brazil seems to be as good as any to root for. Go Brazil.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Men in the Yellow Shirts

I saw my two friends Reg (left) and Bob sitting on a couch at work today. It felt like I'd just stepped out of a wormhole when I realized they were both wearing short sleeve yellow shirts. I had to get a picture with the new razr phone, which happened to be in my pocket.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Project Clean Sweep

A fur intertwined disaster. This is how I describe the condition of my basement carpeting, compliments of my former roomate's inability to vacuum and his dog's propensity to shed.

These tell-tale tufts of fur were everywhere! Arghh!

I ran the vacuum across the carpet quickly filling my vacuum's canister time and time again.

I almost completely filled this Walmart bag!


Tomorrow Yellow Van Cleaners will tackle the carpeting. Cross your fingers that they can get this stuff up!
Meanwhile, I can't recommend a long-haired chinese pug unless you have hard-tile floors.

Jake and the Flamingo

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Placerville Trike

Got up early this morning to go on another trike flight with a friend of mine who is an avid pilot. It was lots of fun flying around the foothills of the Sierras. We flew out of the Placerville airport which is situated on a little plateau above the famous gold rush town.

Here's a snap of the airport with the mountains in the background.

We quickly took off and positioned ourselves West of the airport. Two airplanes took off shortly after us...more on them later. Here's a view of the airport with the trike wing visible in the corner of the snap.

The two cats in planes following us were headed to Auburn to have breakfast. One of them is a stunt pilot so he pulled up to say hi.

Then he pulled in a bit closer...

and pulled away to do some aerial acrobatics...(note - click on photo for a better view of the plane)

We then headed West a bit and followed the South fork of the American River flowing into Folsom lake.

Finally, we headed back and flew over Cameron Park so I could snap a photo over our house. If you look very closely (after clicking on the photo you can see a person walking their dog on just in front of our house)

Nintendogs Experiment

I got Nintendogs from Erin as a congratulation gift for signing the documentary distribution deal. She got me the Beagle Edition. I decided to train up a Beagle to be just like Kodak. The training is in its early stages, but so far Kodak 1. responds to his name 2. knows the "sit down" command, and 3. plays fetch with tennis ball. I'll update progress as it occurs.

New Tic Tacs Reviewed

Tic Tac now puts out a "Bold!" flavored candy. I tried Bold! Fruit. There is also Bold Mint. They lack the candy shell of the regular Tic Tac. Very tart in flavor. Sadly they come in a soft plastic case instead of hard plastic like the regular Tic Tac. This means the classic Tic Tac rattle sound is dampened. I give new Tic Tac Bold! a 6 out of 10.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Phone Story

My cell phone fell into a bowl of cereal I was eating and got a milk bath. After a non-functioning period, the phone came back to life. It worked fine, but I soon discovered it would no longer charge when plugged into the wall. After a series of misadventures with the Alltel store, I finally was able to get a new phone along with a new contract even though I still had more than 100 days on my old contract. I got a motorola RAZR phone. It features blue tooth technology which makes the 1 megapixel onboard camera very functional because I can transfer the photos to my bluetooth enabled macs for free and with ease. Here is a picture taken with the RAZR camera of the nice lady who helped me from the phone store.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

GT/ACC Power into College World Series

The first three teams to qualify for the 2006 College World Series in Omaha are all from the ACC! Georgia Tech was first to punch its ticket and was quickly followed by Clemson and North Carolina.

GT and Clemson will meet in one of the opening round games. The teams have met 6 times thus far this season with each team having won three games.

Subway Pizza

Subway is now featuring pizza. I give it good marks. Basically it's a frozen cheese pizza like you might get in a store, but they add the toppings you want. The good part is, Subway employees are coming from a sandwich mentality. This means they want to cover every inch of the pizza with toppings. You get WAY more toppings on your pie here than you would at Pizza Hut. My little personal pizza pictured here had 10 tomato slices. I counted. That's a huge thing for a veggie lover. It was also loaded with green pepper, onion, jalapeno, and banana peppers. For $3.50 you'd be hard pressed to find a better fast food pie.

Jake has arrived!

Jake the Snake, aka the Jakester:

Friday, June 09, 2006

Waiting for Jake

We're all waiting to see a picture of Jake. Where oh where is baby Jake??!?!?!!?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Charmed woman marries cobra in India

Charmed woman marries cobra in India

Angels & Airwaves

Snapped up the new Angels & Airwaves disc on the way home from work yesterday. It reminds me a bit like todays rendition of the band Asia of 80's fame. The songs fit well together and have a similar theme and are good. The lead singer, Tom Delonge, from Blink 182, infuses that bands sound into the album with his unique vocals.

All in all - a recommend and she's already been ripped to my pod.

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