Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Battery Cable Story

Jack and I pulled into Safeway as we wrapped up our Friday evening errands for a couple of items for dinner. It was "dog day" type of afternoon in late September. We rolled past the building fronts and turned down what appeared to be an attractive aisle for parking. I was annoyed to see a car stopped in the middle with the occupant talking to an older Asian man. I waited patiently, which can be hard for me sometimes, and they finally ended their dialog. The man went and started talking to someone else as Jack and I pulled into our neighborless spot.

As I stepped out of the car the Asian man ran up to me with a somewhat desperate look on his face.

"Would you please give me a jump-start? My battery has died." He then pointed an aisle over to his semi-modern Toyota with his wife inside. Seemingly, or unseemingly, his two prior queries for help were fruitless.

Having just been through my own battery woes earlier in the week my initial annoyance with this man was quickly replaced with empathy.

"You bet", I replied and wheeled over in front of his car. He then pulled out his cables. They appeared to be $8 10 gauge connectors designed for a go-cart.

"Let's use my cables", I commented and saw the surprised look on his face as I immediately pulled my heavy duty 4 gauge cables (Thanks Dad!) out of my trunk. They had been out due to my own aformentioned woes several days prior.

I attached the cables and grimaced reluctantly after he got his car started as he proceeded to detach the cables directly from his car and then accidentally touch the positive and negative together creating a fireworks show of sorts. I quickly detached my side, accepted their gratitude, and Jack and I were off.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New OMD Album / Video

There hasn't been new OMD music in years. Now there is. On Tuesday their new album is released and based on what I've heard so far it is more similar to their older material vs. their more recent (more recent meaning 90s). Definitely worth picking up though... Don't remember OMD - or Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark for long? They are most famous in the states for "If You Leave" off the Pretty in Pink soundtrack.

Here's the first video / single. Neither are great and there is better stuff than this on the album.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jack's Perspective

I saw this on a bulletin board in Jack's classroom this morning. He's got an interesting perspective on things!

Over and out...I've got to get back to that darn sink.

Monday, September 06, 2010

2010 Husker Tunnel Walk Video

Here's this year's tunnel walk video. It's presented here without the cheering crowd or the fade in to the team marching through the tunnel on their way to the field. It's a fairly lackluster video this year, but still cool. I'm guessing next years will be interesting with the move to the Big 10. Go Big Red!

Jack and Mom do Home Depot Project

Here's a first. Jack continued his monthly Home Depot project streak thanks to Mom bellying up with the upcoming baby (no pun intended)and taking him.

Note he was wearing his Michigan State jersey and wasn't disappointed as the Spartans (along with the Wolverines and Yellow Jackets) all earned victories Saturday.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Tech Beats 'Bama

Football season is less than a month away. Here's the program cover from one of Tech's finer moments!

Georgia Tech 7, Alabama 6

At Georgia Tech

Jackets Ruin Bama's Perfect Season

Bear Bryant's Crimson Tide was the biggest force in college football at the time of this game, and they were on a 26 game run with 25 wins and a tie. But they left Grant Field that day with a fanny full of stingers, in what was Georgia Tech's finest moment of the 60's.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Football Nearly Here! GT v. Clemson - Round 1: 2009

This was a fun game. Bill, Erin and I watched it while downing wings in Lincoln. Clemson came back and damn near won the game in the 2nd Half!

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