Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Amazon Beats iTunes by a Buck

I was Mr. Jonesing to pick up the new Counting Crows disc, so I decided to check out's new mp3 download service. Turns out they had the new disc for $8.99. iTunes was charging $9.99 so I went for it at Amazon. This is the first time I've used Amazon to download a cd. It worked very smoothly. You have to download a tiny application. Then, once I downloaded the music and clicked on the file, it automatically opened in iTunes along with the cover art. Nifty! I now consider Amazon a valid option when trying to get the best price on music.


Anonymous said...

I am an elderly man and as such don't know the meaning of the verb "Mr. Jones". Is this a Dylan reference? (You don't know what's happening, do you Mr. Jones?)

Anonymous said...

jones (jnz)
n. Slang
1. Heroin.
2. An addiction, especially to heroin.

I used it in the sense of really wanting something -- I'm "jonesing for a pizza".

I added the Mr. part because "Mr. Jones" was the Counting Crows' breakout hit.

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