Sunday, January 28, 2007

Beer Review

I tried a new kind of Budweiser. It's called Brew Masters Private Reserve (no apostrophe on the bottle although it seems like it ought to have one). It is apparently a Christmas thing. I found it after Christmas on deep discount so decided to try it. It comes in a big 1 quart bottle with a Grolsch Ale style stopper top. Here is Budweiser's description:

Decades ago, Budweiser brewmasters started a holiday tradition carried on to this day. Once each year, the brewmasters collect the richest first part of the brew as it is tapped to the brew kettles. This richer, more flavorful reserve - prized for its unusual smoothness despite its robust alcohol content - is then shared exclusively with their family and close friends. Until now. Introducing Brew Masters Private Reserve. A remarkable beer created to be shared with your family and friends.

The alcohol content is 8.5% ALC./VOL. I found it a bit strong, but tasty enough. Almost like concentrated beer, which I guess is pretty much what it is.

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