Monday, August 29, 2005

Reno Trip, Old Chicago Prize, other junk

Reno trip was productive if not all that fun. I spent frantic time with Winter which is always interesting if not exactly relaxing. I managed to have dinner with Robert and Stef though I'd have liked to spend more time with them. I did sleep in Sacramento 3 nights out of 4 so that saved me a buck or two. I got my first prize on the Old Chicago World Beer Tour. I drank 10 beers (over 3 or 4 months) to earn a deck of cards. Dad had his 65th birthday. I failed to send a timely gift but he should look for a box sometime soon. I got the new cd by "The New Pornographers" and give to good marks. Definitely some very good spins! I also pre-purchased the new Sara Mcglothlin remix disc on account of I really like her stuff. Yuki is a happy animal.

During the trip to the left coast, I went to Monterey, California. It was very cool. Home of Steinbeck's Canary Row. A very neat area. Robert, if you've never been you must make a weekend trip of it with Stef. I ate at a Mexican place where you can see the sea otters playing on the rocks. Awesome view.

In breaking news there is a Christian group that wants the "theory of gravity" taught in many grade school text books to be replaced with the idea of "intelligent falling".

Also, scientists who used decades' worth of earthquake data to study the planet's center say their information proves decisively that Earth's core spins faster than the outer crust. Along side this new discovery, President Bush feels people should also be told that the core doesn't spin faster than the outer crust.

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