Friday, September 02, 2005

Draft night / Labor Day / Jerry Lewis Telethon/ Harry Potter

Draft night was last night. All told, I don't think my team is so good but I guess you never know. There are 12 people in my league and I drew selection #10. Bah!

D. McNabb
(Phi - QB)

D. Davis
(Hou - RB)

A. Boldin
(Ari - WR)

D. McAllister
(NO - RB)

D. Bennett
(Ten - WR)

L. Coles
(NYJ - WR)

R. McMichael
(Mia - TE)

W. Dunn
(Atl - RB)

B. Griese
(TB - QB)

T. Calico
(Ten - WR)

M. Faulk
(StL - RB)

D. Staley
(Pit - RB)

D. Northcutt
(Cle - WR)

D. Akers
(Phi - K)

Tampa Bay
(TB - DEF)

Labor day weekend should be nice. I'm on call so I'm not leaving town which will me lots of fun time with Yuki. I'm hoping to see some movies, catch up on some sleep, watch some US Open, and work on editing. Despite the family tradition, I do NOT plan to tune into the Jerry Lewis Telethon.

I got the new "Death Cab For Cutie" release. It's pretty good although I think it's the kind of disc you got to listen to a few times to get into more.

I've finishied Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince! I know who the Half-Blood Prince is. I know who dies in the end. I'm eagerly awaiting book 7 and to find out if there will be more after it. I've now started on Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. Looks like it'll be pretty good and the Divinci Code was enjoyable and quick.

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