Friday, September 09, 2005

The Weekend!

I'm off call at work which is great because I've been paged a million times this past week. I'm going to Huskers v. Demon Deacons tomorrow. It's a night game and should be a blast! Hopefully the Huskers don't blow it. Considering Wake lost to Vandy last week the Huskers OUGHT to win. If not, we've got trouble in Huskerville.
I got the new Sarah Macglaclin (sp)remix disc and it's pretty good! Good Sarah tunes turned into techno/trance electronica. Nifty.


Anonymous said...

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aaron said...

finally! a website about back pain that is "amazing!" i had been going to other, not quite amazing back pain sites, and they really were not doing it for me. i mean, some day i might actually have back pain, and i want to know that there is a place for me to go!

anyhoo, those peaches look delicious!

where are the Mini pics? how the hell are you living the Mini life without taking pictures?

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