Saturday, August 20, 2005

Eagles...or Beagles

08.20.05 - Lake Tahoe, NV
Venue: Harveys Outdoor Amphitheater

While the weasel will be driving home in his new Mini Steph and I will be on our way to Tahoe to see the Eagles . . . that's the band the Eagles. Not a pre-season football game featuring the team from Philly. We got our tickets off of eBay so cross your fingers that they are good. They look like they are...they are still connected together and one has a green ad on the back while the other has orange. Seems like they would be harder to duplicate in that form.

I've been preparing for the fantasy football draft which takes place tomorrow as well. This is the Pittsburgh Fantasy Football league which my team, The Beagles has won twice including last year. This year is likely to be quite challenging given that I have the last draft pick.

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