Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Concert review

We're there getting a beer and some nachos when the show starts. As I assumed, Brian Adams was going first. I found a good seat in the right infield to enjoy the show. Adams was playing his guitar and there was a drummer. No other band. He was playing some song I'd never heard. Adams is like 3 songs in and he STILL hasn't done one of his hits. I start screaming "DO SUMMER OF 69!!'" He continues to do songs I've never heard of. Then he announces he's going to do one more song. Huh! He's been playing for like 25 minutes! "DO A HIT!!" I scream. He does some lousy cover song. I feel screwed and ripped off. BRIAN ADAMS SUCKS!! I go for another beer and discuss the disappointment with the beer guy. Oops. Turns out that guy wasn't Brian Adams but some local warm up act. The guy wore blue jeans and a t-shirt and had the Brian Adams look. No wonder those people around me had been looking at me funny.

Then Def Leppard takes the stage!!! We crowd the mosh pit and it's close to 2 hours of the best band to to come out of the 80's! Fantastic! If you ever get a chance to see these guys. GO! THEN Brian Adams actually takes the stage. Some guy behind me is screaming "Fuck Canada"! Brian fires up and really put on a great show! This guy is really good. He did tons of his hits...including Summer of 69'. I remember when Adams played the then new pyramid in Memphis and some guy fell from the upper stands and died.

I picked up this awesome vintage Def Leppard T-shirt too!


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