Sunday, August 19, 2012

Real Guacamole

Recently, I wrote a blog post about fake guacamole dip. As a response this, my friend Terry from Toronto emailed me her real guacamole recipe. The secret, she says, is lime juice. I took her recipe and decided give it a shot. One ingredient that Terry's recipe didn't list that I added was fresh chopped cilantro. I made a point to get real tomatoes from a roadside stand instead of the the bland ones you get from the grocery store.
The resulting guacamole was delicious! I highly recommend this! Here's Terry's recipe: My recipe for guacamole contains only ingredients. But I think you just mash them all together and - VOILA* - guacamole. *a little linguistic inconsistency Unless you have a food processor (I don't... still), use avocados that are black - super-ripe and mushy and therefore easy to mash. The page from my recipe binder (which goes back to about 1980): For each avocado used: juice of 1/2 lime 1/2 tsp salt (approximately) 1/2 garlic bud (pressed) Tabasco 1 tbsp onion grated 1/2 tomato chopped Then, I have very helpfully written: For 6 avocados: juice of 3 limes 3 tsp salt 2 garlic buds pressed Tabasco 6 tbsp grated onion 2 tomatoes chopped


Terry Murray said...

Given the age of recipe, I don't think cilantro was on any mere mortal's radar at that time. I have updated the page in my book with cilantro and noted it as a contribution from Bill. Thanks! Now *I* have to try the new recipe!

Rob said...

everything is clear except the tabasco portion of the recipe... how much tabasco goes in?

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