Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mission Guacamole Revisited

As I understand the story, Dad was hosting a Mexican themed Superbowl party a number of years ago. Along with other standard Mexican fare, he picked up a jar of Mission Brand Guacamole. As he was serving his guests, he looked at the ingredients of this "guacamole", and noticed that it contained only traces of avocado. Dad was so offended by this that he wrote a letter to the Mission Company explaining how the product was fraudulent and that they were destroying the Mission Company's reputation. Mission responded by sending Dad some coupons. These years later, I thought I'd check to see if Dad's letter did any good. Does Mission still peddle avocado-free guac? I found a display of the product at my local grocery store to see for myself.
One look at the color of Mission Guacamole tells you there's a problem. The label confirms it. It contains 2% or less of avocado powder. Mission also adds insult to injury by writing the words "with GARDEN VEGETABLES" on the product cap. Mission must have a very liberal definition of garden vegetables, because other than "concentrated crushed tomatoes", everything I recognize as a vegetable is only present in powdered form. Looks like Dad needs to write these boys another nasty letter!

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