Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bad Guacamole

Dad gets credit for being the first in the family for noticing the horrible practices of the food industry and guacamole products. As I discovered on a trip to Walmart today, the horrors continue. Ask any person in the world, and they will tell you the central ingredient to guacamole is avocado. Ask the "chefs" from the food industry, however, and the answer to that question is apparently whipped vegetable oil and green food coloring.

Two clues for the wary stand out. First, the price is too cheap for real guacamole, because avocados aren't that cheap. Second, the term "flavored" is never a good sign. It always means that whatever ingredient preceding it isn't actually in the product. Chocolate flavored candy means there is no chocolate in the candy. Maple flavored syrup means you're eating corn syrup, not maple syrup. Be careful out there grocery shoppers! The industry wants to trick you into eating pure crap in order to make higher profits!

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