Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Oreo Cakester

Some 6 months ago, a product called the Oreo Cakester hit stores. This is the kind of thing I would usually pick up to try in order to post a little review on the blog. I did not try the Cakesters upon their debut, however, because I got early word from an individual that Cakesters were horrible. So bad, in fact, that the informer had refused consume the Cakesters that he had purchased. Tonight, however, I noticed that Cakesters are now being sold in much smaller packages than previously. I decided to see for me self just how bad these things were. Imagine my surprise then, when I bit into a Cakester and discovered that they are quiet tasty! In fact, I think I actually prefer this cake-a-fied Oreo to the original cookie!

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