Sunday, February 17, 2008

Discount Dyson

Robert and Steph's Dyson has long held the top dog spot in the family's never ending vacuum cleaner war. We've wanted to match guns with a Dyson of our own, but could never stomach the more than $500.00 price of entry. That all ended today when we discovered the highest powered Dyson, the DC17 Absolute, marked down from $550.00 to $494.00. Paired with our 30% off coupon, we walked out of Kohl's with the high end Dyson for $348.00 plus tax. Animal hair beware!


Tangeman said...

P.S. - If anyone is interested in a burned out Bissell, we've got

Rob said...

that's one nice looking Dyson. i've found they really suck!

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