Tuesday, October 11, 2005


No denying the Vette is cool. I hope Dad buys it. The car I'D love to get some day is an '81 Delorean. They're available on ebay for from 5,000 to maybe 15,000. Stainless steel, gull wing doors, a must have for a Back to the Future fan! Maybe I'll snap one up one day if I have some spare money and a good mechanic.


Anonymous said...

Microsoft settles RealNetworks dispute for $761 mil
Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday it will pay RealNetworks Inc. $761 million to resolve their disputes, including a lawsuit that accused the world's largest software maker of using its dominance in operating systems ...
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Anonymous said...

It's More Pleasant On DVD
The upcoming DVD release of the critically reviled and little seen Fox series Point Pleasant will include five never-before-seen episodes, Fox Home Entertainment announced.
Neat site. I will be back to look again.

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aaron said...

what a scam, i visited that "online chocolate gift" store and all they had for sale was used Deloreans! freaking spam comments just can't be trusted. well that is all for now, i have to get back buying and selling anything, like things related to private road construction.

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