Friday, June 24, 2005

More on Zombies

Well, I saw Land of the Dead and it was ok, but I was a little disappointed. I would recommend the 2004 Dawn of the Dead as the best zombie flick, or if you want a zombie comedy making fun of zombie movies, I enjoyed "Shawn of the Dead".

I was on a good 4 man tug of war team tonight. We won two matches before going down. My obstacle course team did pretty well too. Tomorrow I run 5k with Yuki as the community olympics continue.
Community Olympics sees increase in registrations
By TODD GOTTULA, Hub Staff Writer

KEARNEY — Following two straight years of declining participation, the 2005 version of Community Olympics will be the second largest in the event's 10-year history.

Kearney’s three-day sports festival will include 26 teams and 685 participants. Only the 1999 version, which had 30 teams and 790 competitors, was bigger.

Sponsored by the Kearney Park and Recreation Department and Good Samaritan Hospital, the Community Olympics begins Friday and ends with a Sunday evening barbecue and awards banquet at Harmon Park.

Conducted each June, the three-day event includes teams from businesses, organizations and other groups. Teams and individuals compete in numerous athletic contests, games and other activities at parks, gyms and other locations across the city.

“The concept is simple, and it’s the same today as when we started 10 years ago,” said organizer Scott Hayden. “The goal is to promote healthy and active lifestyles by offering a variety of activities that show people different ways they can get exercise.”

Hayden was the driving force in starting the Community Olympics in 1996 and modeled it after a similar event in his hometown of Los Alamos, N.M. Good Samaritan Hospital sponsored the event the first year and has remained involved each year since.

About 130 hospital employees, city seasonal staffers and volunteers run the event, said Hayden.

“One of our goals is to support healthy communities and play an active role in doing that,” said Good Samaritan’s Carol Smith. “The Community Olympics is obviously an important part of promoting health in Kearney, and its something we’re proud to be a part of.”

The Community Olympics attracted 352 participants its first year and grew to more than 600 competitors the second summer. After seeing participation dip to less than 600 people the past two summers, Hayden was pleased to see the event grow in popularity this year.

“One of the keys to keeping this popular is mixing up the events and doing different activities every year,” Hayden said. “There are certain activities that are very popular and will be around most years, but we also try to tweak events and throw in new ones.

“In the end, the thing that makes this so successful is the fun attitude all the teams bring with them,” Hayden continued. “There is a lot of competitiveness out there, but everybody keeps things in perspective and knows that having a good time is what this is all about.”

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