Friday, July 29, 2005

Pokie the dog to meet maker

I had a trial today versus a man who failed to confine a vicious dog named Pokie. This dog ended up biting a 3 year old child riding his bike with his mother. I was successful and getting the death penalty for Pokie. Sad because I like dogs, but necessary. Reminds me of the time "Jet" the dog, who belonged to the Nortons across the street, bit me. I was standing in our yard and Jet came over and bit my arm. I also remember when our neighborhood was terrorized by that nasty Great Dane from the Lilly's neighborhood. Robert and I both had a few narrow escapes with that dog. I remember Mom shooting it with a bb gun when it would come around. As I recall it eventually ended up biting C.C. Siderinko and getting put down.


Anonymous said...

i've only got one thing to say about this post..."dog gone"

Anonymous said...

pokie ain't okie-dokie, he's dead.

Anonymous said...

Poor Pokie. I have to believe that Pokie's unacceptable behavior is more a function of the owner. Sad, very sad.

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