Saturday, August 27, 2016

Always Exciting to Dine with Uncle Duck

Dinner with Uncle Duck! 

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D'Nena & Robin Moore said...

Hi, Tangeman's,
Nice family pics.

I've found a second nice photo of your Dad, Richard, when he attended our daughter's wedding on June 14, 1990, at Wellesley College Chapel, in Wellesley, MA.

We really appreciated his attendance, not only because he was a valued friend, but because, when I dislodged the left, front bumper on our Taurus, he made a permanent repair with a wire coat hanger.
Dick transformed my poor driving disaster into a 'no prob' laugh. I was just backing out to head for the wedding, no time to lose, when I created a dragging bumper.

Best to you and yours. We certainly enjoy the Tangeman blog. Thanks for keeping it so up to date and fun/interesting. Robin Moore

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