Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pizza Hut Testing New Concept in Nebraska

I recently read that Pizza Hut was going to test a new type of restaurant in York, Nebraska and Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  I happened to be in York on the day this new Pizza Hut opened so I checked it out for lunch.  The new concept is that they sell pizza by the slice at a "slice bar", sauté pastas, and make salads all in front of you.  You run through the line kind of like at a Subway so you can see them making your food.  If it's a success in these test markets, the concept could go national.

 I ate one of the "Big 'N Delicious slices of pizza.  The precooked pie was sitting out, and once you select what kind you want, they heat it up in the oven and bring it out to your table.  It was quick and the slice was large and only cost three dollars.  It was a decent slice of pizza.  My one disappoint with this was that I couldn't choose exactly what toppings I wanted on the slice.  I had to select from about five pre-decided options.

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