Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Our Visit with Santa

We saw Santa early this year as I guess he has a pretty busy schedule. It turns out, actually, that Santa is quite in demand and will be spending a lot of time before Christmas in San Francisco at the famous Ghiradelli Square.

Elle was still a bit leery of the plump elf and couldn't be talking into sitting on his lap. She did, however, cautiously run up to him in order to accept a candy cane. She now declares that she'll sit on Santa's lap on Sunday.

For the first year ever, Jack did not ask Santa for a wallet! Rather he asked for 1. The Star Wars Lego Republic Gunship 2. The Star Wars Lego Count Dooku's Solar Sailor and - since Elle was was too scared he allocated one of his three items for her. He asked Santa to bring Elle a dollhouse.

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