Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Comstock Homestead 2013

I happened to be in Scottsbluff for work, so I thought I'd check on the old Comstock place. Notably, the pig barn is no longer standing and trees have gotten tall. I took a few pictures that I've posted below. I would have ventured closer, but people started coming out on the deck looking at us so we hightailed it out of there.


Anonymous said...

they probably would have loved it if you had gone up and introduced yourself ... I'm sure it's the same ones we sold it to BUT thanks sooooo much for sharing !!!!

Rob said...

super cool. we had a ton of fun at that old homestead.

Anonymous said...

what is that shadowy thing on the right of the first pic? it looks like the road entrance is different???

Anonymous said...

I think the shadowy thing is just my reflection in the car window. The entrance looked kind like I remembered it. The reason I put the mailbox up is because Casey said she couldn't remember the address. I can tell you that when I first passed by heading west, I totally missed it because the trees almost completely hide the house from the road.

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