Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vegas Getaway - 2012!

We had a needed and well-deserved Vegas get-away this elongated week-end.  Lots of highlights but the best was just Steph and I getting to spend some time together without the kids - who were in great hands with Mimi and Grandpa.

The trip featured some great music as we saw Elton John perform at Caesar's Palace on April 19... followed by the Eagles at MGM on April 21!   Both were pretty amazing considering they are all ~65 years old.

Here we are outside our hotel...Aria

By checking bags and flying Southwest we get to leverage all levels of the new terminal in the Sacramento airport.  The highlight, of course, is the ultra cool bounding red rabbit.

Our first attempt at a self portrait in our room didn't quite work out.  Sometimes those are the best though!

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