Monday, March 05, 2012

Photos and Random Kindness

Jack and I went to the Effie Yeaw Nature Center as part of his playgroup this week-end. It was a beautiful day for early March. Nearly 80 degrees and sunny.

When it was time to hike the kids took off with Jack and his friend Cassie leading the way. This is pretty normal so we let kids be kids and kept our eye on them from further back on the trail.

As we approached the river we were stopped by a photographer asking about the "two kids". Turns out he had gotten some great unposed shots of them and offered to email them to us. Turns out this was a professional photographer and his work is great.

Here's our favorite picture of Jack that he took:

I had my camera and was taking a lot of pictures too. Steph signed me up for a photography class for Christmas so I was practicing taking pictures in "manual" mode. Here are a couple of my favorite shots from the morning:

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